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The recruitment site of top executives in Africa

With 10 years of expertise in HR and research opportunities for companies between Europe and Africa, Kensyle Recruitment was born from the need to fill the void that exists between African experts in the diaspora with the expertise needed for the development of the African continent


1- To make available to African companies or structures, as well as to foreign investors wishing to set up in Africa, Africans executives and experts and young Africans and Afro-descendants worldwide, who want to bring an effective added value to the development of the African continent. 


2- Give a structure to the African diaspora cadres and experts in their administrative procedures, to lighten their employability on the African continent, but preferably in their countries of origin. In this challenge, Kensyle Recruitment wants to increase the attractiveness of foreign investment on the African continent and become the essential platform for the outsourcing of SMEs. An innovative and profitable approach given the strong growth of the African Market.



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